Sean Murphy
King's Town District City Councillor

My fellow Kingstonians,

My name is Sean Murphy, and I'm running for King's Town District city council and would appreciate your vote on October 27th.

I'm a lifelong resident, not only of the city of Kingston, but give or take a hundred feet, of the King's Town District. That I've stayed was not the result of necessity, nor the lack of options, but because I love living here, being able to step out my door and availing myself of all the amenities our downtown has to offer. During the fall and winter term, our core is vibrant with the influx of students, new and old. Our spring and summer seasons take on a more relaxed tempo and are filled with delicious tastes, sights, and sounds. Kingston is home, and I'd like to play a more active role in its day to day operations and to make myself available to the residents and the people that provide me with the services and products that make life here so wonderful, responding to their concerns and acting on their behalf.

I can't say that I have any glaringly obvious levels of experience or qualifications that would make me better suited than any other candidate. That being said, I believe the best qualities an elected official can have are: the ability to listen (listen to the public, listen to the experts employed by the city, listen to outside sources); process what they've heard and form logical conclusions which can be justified; and to speak intelligently, conveying those conclusions respectfully and productively in a group setting facilitating the group's ability to accomplish tasks. I also believe, that one's ability to separate personal opinions and being able to admit one's wrongs are two often overlooked qualities that help make for a good candidate. All these things, I believe, I will do very well.

At this time, I can't say that I have any real agenda, although reading through the online documentation provided on Kingston's website and those of the candidates (notably the current councils), it's obvious there are many reoccurring items which will require the next councils attention. The current council members have well-developed agenda's and well informed positions on the issues facing Kingston which definitely gives them a logistical advantage. I do not however believe this advantage translates to the "best" candidate, and that the 4 years they've had to gain the experience does not say anything about there abilities but simply that they've been doing the job, good or bad. The person that's been doing the job the longest is not necessarily the best person for the job. I can give an opinion, on third crossings, casino's, vacant shop's downtown, sustainability, road repair, waterfront and park development, a desire not to raise taxes, bike lanes or not etc., however, these would really just be opinions at this time that would be subject to change.

By now you're likely wondering why one would vote for someone who admittedly lacks the experience suited to an elected position and the knowledge necessary to be able to say definitively where they stand on a particular subject. Simply, I'm not sure that you should, I just feel I'd like to do the job and believe I'd be very good at it. In the end, I'd like to see someone on council who inspires Kingston residents to take more of an interest in the city's politics, and have everyone feeling and knowing they can influence the decisions of council and play a part in steering Kingston towards the economically fruitful and environmentally sustainable future we all wish to see. I think that's me.

All of us candidates have a vested interest in Kingston's success. We all live here, may raise family's here, may socialize here, may work here etc. There will be no wrong choice come election time, and I wish the best of luck to all the candidates.

Thank You for your time



No council member achieves anything on their own.
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